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100% recyclable structure

This is the solution for a fast and economical construction of multi-storey buildings and their components. This system is ideal for the construction of office blocks, hotels, housing and large buildings in which it is important to reduce lead times in order to make the investment profitable.

Main advantages?

The only way to build two floors per week.

Minimal storage space (no scaffolding, no formwork, etc.) and zero building site waste. Saves time and cleanliness, reduces the use of concrete by up to 80%, resulting in a more environmentally friendly system.

Millimetre precision allowing industrialised construction solutions.

Savings in facade solutions that are much cheaper and easier to install.

Solid, i.e. earthquake resistant.

Lightweight, as the weight on foundations is reduced by up to 50%.

The structure is 100% recyclable. We reduce the space occupied by pillars by 80%. Drastic reduction of foundations because our system has a load that is up to 50% less than traditional ones.

Pre-engineered structures that allow for quick and easy bolt-on assembly.

Just in Time supply availability, when there is no area available on the site.

Easy extension of existing buildings.
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